A little bit about us

Our Humble Beginnings

Our Vision

We believe that education can change the world. We believe that people teaching other people is the fastest and most enjoyable way of learning. We believe that empowering humanity with a seamless tool to connect and organize lessons anywhere, at any time, is crucial to improve people’s lives and help them achieve their goals. We offer a fair and accessible platform for the education sector.

Our platform offers unmatched control to learners and mentors, delivering a safe and satisfying experience. We offer the best technology, the lowest commission rate on the market and ensure that every single mentor is highly qualified to deliver the best learning outcome. Platute exists to serve people that need help, to bridge their knowledge gap, and to coordinate teaching activities smoothly.

Our Mission

We are on a mission, we want to improve and accelerate education while keeping people at heart. We are creating the largest network of talent across the globe. Through our platform, learning from our network is accessible, efficient, and affordable.

Join us to create a better future, it all starts with education!

Our Values

We care about People and Tech

We offer the best technological tool to give control to every party, provide next-gen service and support, ensure fair treatments and to respect our learners and mentors with integrity.

We give

We empower people, we motivate them to achieve their goals.

We love Optimisation

We are frugal and efficient, as our goal is to provide the highest possible value. We seek honest feedback to keep improving ourselves and never settle.

We are Life long learners

We are infinite learners, learning never stops at Platute. We share our knowledge, take on new challenges, and help people grow in a better-developed version of themselves.

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