Five Things Tutors Do More Than Just Save Grades

Five Things Tutors Do More Than Just Save Grades

Tutoring is all about guiding the development of personal qualities to be turned into useful skills

Tutoring is not just about getting a distinction or credit for a subject (cliche, but true), it involves guiding the development of personal qualities to be turned into useful skills.


Other benefits of tutoring involve the implementation of specific teaching strategies to consolidate a student’s strengths and rectify weaknesses without emotional baggage. In addition, supply academic challenges for perpetual development, and more benefits featured below. 


Specialised Tutoring Strategy


Generally, students would struggle with their studies due to a large number of students in a classroom. With University and college classes, lecturers say they will reply to your emails ASAP, but it is very unlikely while marking a hundred students for each class.


With a private or group tutor session, take advantage of learning at your own pace while discussing insights with classmates. Although you can search online for any academic problems, not every aspect can be explained by a tutor, or discuss concepts well enough among other students in a group session.


Supply Academic Challenges


According to the Harvard Health publications, “A higher level of education is associated with better mental functioning in old age”. Although we are still young, it is still important to avoid the summer slide (i.e three months of not learning) and continue to develop our understanding of university subjects. Furthermore, evolve your CV with skills related to your field of study, and atone for any lack of work experience.


Provide Moral Support

The University lifestyle for students can be stressful. Whether you are a Bondi surfer junkie, 4.0 GPA whizz-kid, or a League of Legends professional gamer, every student will inevitably experience stress with a surmounting amount of assignments and exams that pile up before mid-semester exams.


Professional tutors should act as referees to provide expert academic advice without judgement. Although hiring a tutor does not mean an hour-long therapy session with a stranger, it can encourage friendships with the tutor or other students in group study sessions to reinforce the moral support needed to survive University.


Develop Social Skills in a Positive Workspace


With orientation week, university entrances can be seen sprawled with clubs and student society stands. However, following orientation week you will start to realise that university isn’t as social as anticipated by Zac Efron fangirls hoping for scenarios from Neighbours 2.


PhD Cambridge graduate, Julia Tan, published an article that foregrounds the perception of international students as antisocial due to the pressure to adapt to culture shock, and natural gravitation to socialise with students from your home country. Join group classes on Platute that speak in English, or join classes with tutors and students that speak your native language.


With internships and working part-time, students are bound to start their careers in a work office with non-existing experience, and awkwardly attend business meetings to update the team with the development of allotted office duties.


Tutors can aid students in establishing healthy study habits that can be translated to work-life and suggest classes appropriate for achieving the desired career pathway. Platute tutoring connects students to escape from lectures anytime, anywhere and engage in study sessions at the beach, botanic gardens, or motorcycle-inspired cafe’s.

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